Fall ‘22 Collection

Inspired by the past, built to live in the present

Rules are made to be broken. Paths are meant to be forged. The future is undefined and it’s yours for the taking. Create who you are, who you want to be. The multiple facets of self that make you who you are. Duality within persona and style. Simultaneously the gentleman and the hooligan. The lady rebel. A dichotomy between the inner truths and the outer appearance. Confident, but not arrogant. Tough, but not mean. Clean, but casual.

Fall 2022 Collection

This fall, we took inspiration from the rugged durability favored by America’s laborers, mariners, farmers and aviators along with the swagger of prohibition-era bandits, renegades and rebels.

Focusing on functionality and utility, we’ve crafted a collection with innovative fabrications and modern sensibility. Combining vintage military influence, heritage silhouettes, and contemporary comforts defines a style of its own. Stand out, not in.

Inspired by the past

The 1950’s set the center stage for our Fall Collection “The Gentleman & The Hooligan and the Lady Rebel.” We see them not as two different people, but one individual.

Innovative fabrications and modern sensibility

Yesterday’s staples are reinvented for today. We’ve included stretch designed to move and breathable materials to keep you comfortable. Our flannels are anti-scratch and provide warmth without compromising softness, and are made with sustainable recycled nylon.

Your look, your story

Pieces as unique as you are. Style as fluid as your mood. How you look and carry yourself tells the story.

Craftsmanship & Durability

A balance between heritage styles and modern classics. Menswear patterns, workwear utility and sustainable fabrics join forces to bring you a lineup of new headwear and apparel essentials.

August 03, 2022
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