A Tribute to Timeless Fall Headwear Styles, Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Films

A Tribute to Timeless Fall Headwear Styles, Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Films

September 19, 2022

In tribute to time-honored fall style, we look back at a few of our favorite Hollywood icons who made headwear intrinsic to their look.

A Tribute to Timeless Fall Headwear Styles
Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Films

A Tribute to Timeless Fall Headwear Styles

Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Films

Our new fall collection is inspired by the endless possibilities of intriguing personas and contrasting elements. And the theme that brings it to life? The Hooligan and The Gentleman in the company of The Lady Rebel. Classic hats are a big part of the story.

Timeless toppers are shapeshifters that travel effortlessly across decades. Fedora or western, newsboy or brood–all are at home wherever you wear them. On a motorcycle or horseback, in the country or city, the key thing to know is that there are no strict rules. Give ten people the same hat and they’ll all style it a bit differently.

In tribute to time-honored fall style, we look back at a few of our favorite Hollywood icons who made headwear intrinsic to their look. If there’s any lesson here it’s don’t hold back. Make it personal with unexpected elements. Wearing a hat well is all about attitude, reflected in your tilt, and the pieces you choose to pair it with.

And if you need some tips for how to shape and clean a wool felt hat, you’ll find that here, too. Got some pairings you feel like sharing? Hit us up. We’d love to see the combinations you’re wearing @Brixton.

James Dean Look:

Western x Workwear

As Jett Rink in the 1956 film Giant, James Dean makes the scene with a classic western hat with a rolled brim, perched nonchanlantly on the back of his head. Bonus points for the styling with a well-worn workshirt and pinstripe vest. Nail the spirit of his look with our Bronco Western and Cass Jacket.

Ingrid Bergman Look:

A Fresh Angle on the Fedora

The unforgettable Ingrid Bergman steals the show in Hitchcock’s 1946 spy film noir Notorious. Her charming co-star is Carry Grant, but the scene with the angled black fedora and camel suit is the truly stylish partnership that caught our eye. Try our Joanna Felt Hat for a love affair of your own.

Robert Redford Look:

Baggy Brood x Button-Down Shirt

In the 1973 classic, The Sting, Robert Redford works the ultimate con as the Depression-era grifter, John “Kelly” Hooker with a slouchy brood that perfectly suits his cool, poker-faced demeanor. We also like his crisp checks. For fall we’d suggest this great-looking Brood with our Bowery Flannel.

Marlene Deitrich Look:

Fedora x Monochrome Cool

The OG of gender-bending style, the Berlin-born actress was masterful at making a sleek suit her own and a standout topper was a key element. While a white suit may not be your everyday go-to, we love the thought of taking monochrome casual. Rock the look with our Leigh Felt Fedora.

Clint Eastwood Look:

Field Proper x Serape (AKA: Big Scarf)

Shot in Spain in 1964, the spaghetti western, A Fistful of Dollars, was Clint Eastwood’s first starring role. If Men’s street style from Fall Fashion Week tells us anything it’s that Eastwood’s look is totally on-point. A sleek western hat with a strong center crease makes a memorable impression with a big, bold scarf.

Frank Sinatra Look:

Fedora x Checks

A true cultural icon who sets the bar for talent and style, when we think of Sinatra we think of great hats. While the blue-eyed crooner’s main go-to was a classic fedora with a wide band, we think he’d approve of the sharp updated style of our Gain Fedora with your favorite flannel or patterned top.

Anna Karina Look:

Fedora X A Classic Combo

When it comes to iconic dance scenes, the ‘Madison’ dance sequence in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1964 film Band of Outsiders is a definitive moment in French New Wave cinema. The charm of the dance, and the catchy beat of the track, convey the duality of persona and style with the eye-catching cool of Anna Karina’s hat. It’s perfectly juxtaposed against her classic sweater and skirt. Make a scene of your own with our Messer Fedora.

The Parts of a Fedora: Anatomy of a Hat

The Parts of a Fedora:
Anatomy of a Hat

Crown: The top portion of the hat; the area above the brim that sits on your head.

Tip: The uppermost peak of the crown.

Pinch/Dent: Also called the crease, this refers to the indentations made along the front, back, and sides of the crown.

Hat Band: The decorative strip of material encircling a hat, positioned above the brim; a common feature most often in the form of a ribbon, leather strip, or braided cord.

Decoration: Any embellishment featured on the hat, most often along the hat band; examples include feathers, tassels, beads, or buckles.

Brim: Think of this as the hat's ledge, which protrudes from the base of the crown; wider brims offer greater degrees of shade for the face, ears, and neck.

Bill: Another word for brim, this is the stiff protruding part at the front of a cap that shields your eyes; also called a visor.

Underbrim: The underside of a hat brim.

Liner: The interior lining of the hat; an optional feature often made of soft fabrics such as satin, velvet, synthetic mesh, cotton, or silk.

Brim Binding: The trim around a hat’s brim; an optional feature often using materials such as leather, silk, or grosgrain ribbon.

Sweatband: Also called the inner band, this is the hat’s interior band that helps ensure a good fit and keeps the hat shape intact; always located just above the hat’s underbrim; often made of leather or synthetic leather-like material.

September 19, 2022
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