Men’s Headwear

Brixton’s mens hats are a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles inspired by the past.


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Men's Headwear

Brixton’s men’s hats are a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles inspired by the past. From beanies and bucket hats to fancy fedoras and flat caps, establish your style, your way.

Our hats for men are built for comfort, effortless style, and longevity. Brixton’s timeless designs are destined to become wardrobe essentials. We strive to use sustainable fabrics and materials whenever possible, so you can feel good about your choice.

Define your style. Forge new paths.

Formal or sporty, dapper or folksy. Get the look you want with the right hat.

A debonair fedora or trilby delivers refinement with an old-soul vibe. A classic six-panel baseball cap, snapback, or trucker hat protects you from the sun and covers up a messy mop when you’re in a hurry.

An airy Panama hat offers up breezy style on hot summer days. And when the mercury drops, a wool flat cap or driver cap will keep your head toasty warm.

Choosing the Right Hat Style

Rule No. 1: There is no right hat style. You should pick a topper that speaks to your personality. Any guy can wear any hat. But if you’re dabbling or undecided, here are some tips:

Go for a face-flattering shape.

The key is balance. If you have a short, full face, choose a style that gives your face some length, like a fedora or Panama hat. If you have a long, thin face, go for a shorter crown, like a homburg or derby. You get the idea. Think about proportion.

If you’re big and tall, a small hat will make you look bigger. Opt for a larger hat that’s well-proportioned for your cranium, like a fedora with a medium brim and thick grosgrain band. If you’re shorter and slim, opt for a hat with shorter crown and contrasting hat band, or a driver cap or newsboy.