The Headwear Guide


The Headwear Guide

A comprehensive resource to help you choose the right size hat, explore styles that best compliment your face shape, and learn basic styling tips to make your headwear the perfect finishing touch to every look.

Hat Sizing

Determining Your Hat Size

Step one

Use a soft tape measure (or string that you can hold up to a standard tape measure) to determine your head’s circumference.

Step two

Place the string or tape around your head above your ears, and across the eyebrows, measuring your head exactly where the hat will sit.

Step three

Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. If you fall between measurements go for the next size up.

How To Adjust
Most of our brims have a built-in fit adjustor. Just pull back sweatband inside the crown of the hat to reveal the adjuster tab. Pull to your liking and affix to the velcro tab. Adjust as needed for the perfect fit.
  • How to Adjust

Face Shapes

  • How to Adjust for Oval face Oval
    Try to find hats with medium to wide brims and fitted crowns as they will help to make sure your face does not appear longer.
  • Brood Snap Cap - Grey/Black

    Brood Snap Cap



  • Jo Straw Rancher Hat - Natural

    Jo Straw Rancher Hat



  • How to Adjust for Round face Round
    Hats with angles and stiff brims like fedoras will work best on a round face, as they can help emphasize your bone structure.
  • Messer Straw Fedora - Tan

    Messer Straw Fedora



  • Cohen Cowboy Hat - Black

    Cohen Cowboy Hat



  • How to Adjust for Diamond face Diamond
    Look for hats that create the illusion of length, especially with medium-sized brims, or by wearing hats angled further back at the base of your hairline.
  • Fiddler Cap - Black

    Fiddler Cap



  • Joanna Short Brim Hat - Honey

    Joanna Short Brim Hat



  • How to Adjust for Square face Square
    Slouchy, floppy brimmed hats and circular styles will usually work best on square face shapes, they will help soften your angles.
  • Piper Hat - Black/Black

    Piper Hat



  • Wesley Fedora - Caramel

    Wesley Fedora



How To Style

For a casual look, simply position the hat slightly to the rear of the top of your head.
Halo Style
A bolder styling option — tilt your hat around 15-20° to either side of your head.
Tilt Style
Tried and true. The Standard position is directly on top of your head, but be sure it’s not too low on your forehead.
Standard Style


We offer a variety of accessories to customize any brimmed hat, from different bands that add contrast, to feathers for a subtle pop of color.

  • Frank Universal Hat Feather - Blue

    Frank Universal Hat Feather



  • Adjustable Sheild Hat Band - Black

    Adjustable Sheild Hat Band



  • Adjustable Sheild Hat Band - Light Taupe

    Adjustable Sheild Hat Band

    Light Taupe


  • Hat Brush

    Hat Brush



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