Raw Duo: Rumbling Lips

Raw Duo: Rumbling Lips

21 février, 2024

Discover the electrifying synergy of Rumbling Lips, a dynamic rock duo that packs more punch than a full band. With raw vocals and primal rhythms, their music resonates with the intensity of Delta blues and 60s psychedelia.

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Rumbling Lips is a rock duo more powerful than a full band. Formed by San Sebastián Aymar, a dirty-sounding guitar and a heartbreaking voice, and Andoni, a drum set with primitive rhythms. Their songs are defined as stabs due to their rawness and vehement and their sound is abrupt and implacable. Influenced by Delta blues music, 60's & 70's rock and psychedelia. His staging is passionate and explosive.

We know your union was the result of a sporadic meeting in a rehearsal room. How did the chemistry come about so quickly?

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Some people call him yellow friend. It's when you meet someone and connect so quickly that it seems like you've known each other your whole life. We connected both personally and musically from minute one. It was instantaneous!

It has been two years since the release of your first single “Is This Love?” How much have you evolved since then and where do you see yourselves in two years?

Personally, we believe that there has been a rapid evolution in live performances, which on the one hand is what we have always had in mind, and we wanted it to be the strong point. Also getting into the studio and recording has been a learning experience about how we want to sound and where we want to go. The tasks also increase as things become more serious and the time for rehearsals reduces, which we must try to avoid.

Black and white is the protagonist in your imaginary, explain us why you use this aesthetic so marked and cared for that defines you.

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We believe that in black and white things are more direct and without distractions. It's like getting to the point. The same thing we try to apply when composing songs. Less is more is a vision of our reality. Try to do the most with the minimum elements.

How much energy do you invest in each concert so that two people sound like a band?

All! Hahaha. It's the only way. We focus on live music, and it is what we like the most. We also believe that it is what characterizes us and that it is one of the strongest points of music. There is nothing like going out on stage prepared to share those sensations, that adrenaline and feel that connection with the audience. When you perceive that you all enter the same trance, and an almost magical atmosphere is created.

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What has been the most magical moment you have experienced on this last tour? And your best concert to date?

Our best moment to date we would say was playing at Jazzaldia 2022 and a very powerful and memorable highlight also at Rat's Cup (Biarritz). In these two concerts those powerful connections that we talked about were produced and the people gave their all.

Do you have any ritual before a concert?

Aymar: I usually play a video of a song that blows my mind live while I warm up with the guitar to get into the mood that I want to convey at the concert. Like when you see the part that freaks you out in a skate video and you go skate. Andoni eats a banana before the concert, hahaha. It's the closest thing he has to a ritual.

That day, when a skateboarding company gave you a skateboard with your logo, a cycle was closed for you. Why?

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Aymar: Yes, Rumbling Lips was born with a strong direct relationship with skateboarding. As a result of not being able to skate is when I started making music. Almost from the beginning I was clear that I wanted to make a project like this, that was raw, energetic and wild. In fact, I think that personalities come out in all artistic branches. I see the style of skateboarding that I have always liked very much reflected in the music we make. There is a clear parallel. And the way of approaching the compositions and everything related to Rumbling Lips is the same. Skateboarding has been the inspiration and driving force of my curiosity towards music and many other types of art since I was a child, and it continues to be so.

What environment do you compose in? Between concerts, in the rehearsal room or while you're skating?

Aymar: Generally, I compose both at home and in the rehearsal room. The inspiration arrives at any moment, and you must grab it and enjoy it. The process of composing is one of the most satisfying things I enjoy. I have spent hours and hours composing and suddenly realized that I felt terrible, and it was because I had completely lost track of time and I had completely forgotten to eat or at least hydrate. Hahahah

That's how immersive the process can be, at least for me! It is a moment when everything disappears and thousands of ideas with endless possibilities pass through your head at full speed. I love the feeling of being able to channel those ideas, give them shape and capture a feeling in the form of music. I repeat, it is very similar to thinking about how to do a trick or a line at home and then going to try it with your skateboard.

Sometimes ideas also come out while we are also rehearsing, or I go to the venue with a raw idea and the two of us finish shaping them together.

It has been a long journey, from working in skateshops and skateparks to starting our own DIY project called Ramputene in our city with local riders. Which has gotten huge, by the way. My life has always been and will always be linked to skateboarding.

Andoni, what music do you listen to?

In private I rarely listen rock. I always listen to classical or electronic music.

What connection do you feel with Brixton?

We are excited to be ambassadors for Brixton because it is a brand that not only advocates skateboarding and surfing, but also cares about artists such as musicians and painters, which we believe is very united.

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What do you like most about music?

The truth is that we believe that music is very powerful because it is a universal language with which we can all express and share feelings. Enjoy and connect just by listening to a song. And that's almost like a superpower.

21 février, 2024
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Raw Duo: Rumbling Lips

Raw Duo: Rumbling Lips

Discover the electrifying synergy of Rumbling Lips, a dynamic rock duo that packs more punch than a full band. With raw vocals and primal rhythms, their music resonates with the intensity of Delta blues and 60s psychedelia.

21 février, 2024
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