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Men's Flannel Shirts

Get easy, relaxed style with Brixton’s flannel shirts for men. Our cozy-soft cotton and vegan wool long-sleeve button-up shirts keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the day brings. From parties to casual Fridays, pick a print that represents your style and make it your own.

Easy Style, Your Way

Pair a long-sleeved flannel button-up with a t-shirt and jeans, chinos or khakis, or your favorite slim-fit pants. Dress it up or down. Wear it day or night.

Need a piece that’s respectable enough for work? Go for a dark print or solid color with clean, finished seams. Want laid-back style that looks effortless? A classic plaid print with a splash of red will get you there.

Whether you love a polished button-up shirt, a shirt jacket, or a classic men’s flannel in check print plaid, our button-up shirts keep you looking cool and confident.

From Shepherds to Grunge Music Icons

Most of us associate flannel shirts with 1990s grunge bands. But the origins of this utilitarian garment go back to 17-century Wales, where textile workers used leftover sheep’s wool to create warm, moisture-wicking fabric.

Fast forward a few centuries to wartime America when soldiers used flannel to keep warm in the trenches. This dutiful fabric soon spread west across the country, eventually landing in the Pacific Northwest where it became the standard uniform of grunge band icons like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder.

Today flannel shirts are a staple of men’s fashion. These versatile pieces are essential fall and winter apparel.

How to Style a Flannel

Here are a few ways to rock a flannel all year long.

Pair it with a t-shirt.

A t-shirt and long-sleeve flannel are a match made in heaven. Pair an unbuttoned dark flannel with a black t-shirt for a polished look. For a beach day or casual outing, go with a white tee and flannel shirt in a light-colored print.

Layer it under a blazer.

Add some edge to your outfit by layering a flannel underneath your favorite blazer or sport coat. Go with darker colors for a date night or casual work outfit. Lighter colors are good for daytime events and outings. Pair your flannel shirt with chinos for a work-appropriate ensemble.

Mix up the textures.

Flannel is made by “napping” the cotton or wool material with a metal brush. It’s what gives flannel shirts their distinctly soft look and feel, and it’s why they’re so irresistibly comfortable. Give your outfit contrast and dimension by pairing it with different textures. Think denim jeans, a leather jacket, or silky t-shirt.