The Best Ladies’ Wide-Brim Hats for All Seasons

The Best Ladies’ Wide-Brim Hats for All Seasons

06 janvier, 2023

Wide-brim hats are the perfect addition to any outfit all year. Check out our best tips for fedora styling throughout the seasons.

Wide-brim hats come with both style and substance.

They fit seamlessly into any woman’s wardrobe, from outfits for chilly winter evenings to warm summer afternoons.

Easy to decorate, effortless to put on, and eye-catching when appropriately styled, wide-brim hats are a must-have for any woman looking to create an elegant modern look all year round.

Wide-brim hats have brims that are three inches wide or more. As such, they offer style and comfort to their wearer, protecting them from rain, sun, and snow while adding flair and personality to any outfit.

Wide-brim fedoras, floppy casual headpieces, and straw sun hats that bring beach outfits up a notch fit under this hat category.

No matter what kind of wide-brim hat you’re looking for, Brixton has you covered. From floppy knit styles to shaped fedoras to straw sun hats, there are more than enough women’s wide-brim hats to pass around.

Wide-Brim Hats for Women: A Quick History

Wide-brim hats have been gracing the heads of famous women since the days of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. See if you recognize some—or all—of the following celebrities who’ve taken advantage of all that the wide-brim hat has to offer.

  • In the 1950s, iconic actress Audrey Hepburn was known for her sweetly decorated wide-brim straw styles, touched-up with cute little ties and bows.
  • “It girl” and actress Cameron Diaz looked stunning in her signature monochrome outfits back in the 1990s, which drew attention to her bright and bold fedoras.
  • Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented singer, actress, and dancer, has been known to rock cowboy hats on the red carpet and wool fedoras on vacation.
  • French actress and style icon Brigitte Bardot tops the list for the extra-wide-brim straw hats she was routinely featured in.
  • And, of course, we cannot forget Diana, Princess of Wales, who often had her picture taken with a wide-brim fedora or other pretty, feminine, but distinctive hats.

More recently, stars such as Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Emma Watson, and Devon Aoki have paired wide-brim hats with their various outfits to stunning effects, proving that this hat style is versatile, personalizable, and fashionable.

Now it’s time to find yours.

Choosing the Wide-Brim Hat for You

Not sure what to look for in a ladies’ wide-brim hat?

Here are the tips we’ve gathered on finding that stylish yet practical headpiece you’re looking for. As you hunt for that perfect fedora, sun hat, or another full-brim headpiece, keep the following in mind.

The Right Hat Size
Make sure the fedora hat is the right size for you and fits comfortably on top of your head. It shouldn’t feel heavy, tight, or overly loose as you wear it.

The Right Proportion
Take note of the hat’s proportion to your face. If you’re trying a wide-brim hat but it looks a little too much, it could be that the brim is too broad. Stay with hats that have a brim no wider than three inches.

The Right Material
Pick a hat made with material that’s easy to clean, store, and pack. Before you travel with your wide-brim hat, learn how to pack and store them properly and how to clean them to keep them looking their best.

The Right Fit for Your Face Shape
See if your face shape fits the kind of wide-brim hat you have in mind before making a final purchase. There’s a fedora hat for every face shape; knowing which face shape category you fall into can guide you toward choosing the best women’s wide-brim hat.

Remember that the essential thing in hat-hunting is to buy the hat to fit your personality, style, and sense of fashion.

Brixton Wide-Brim Hat Styling

Different seasons call for different styles—but all call for a stylish, personalized wide-brim hat.

Take a look at the Brixton fedoras below, ideally suited for every season.

When the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to put on the Primrose Felt Fedora. With the wide, flat brim, monocolor design, and carefully crafted crown crease, this hat would fit just about any cultured, modern autumn outfit.

This fedora pairs well with a loose, patterned blouse or shirt and can be decorated with additional fedora hat accessories to make it your very own.

A modern take on a timeless classic, the iconic teardrop crease and a symmetrical front pinch of the Reno Fedora add finesse and class to any outfit. Made of wool felt with an adjustable sweatband, it’s the perfect partner for your fall outfits.

The contrasting band and brim taping make this hat stand out—and you along with it. Pair with a simple top and worn jeans for a casual, country look or put this fedora hat on with a smart-looking blazer and trousers for a semi-formal impression.

Looking for something breathable that protects you from the sun while giving your summer look that extra elegance? Look no further than this Jo Straw Rancher Hat. Finished with a grosgrain band and contrasting brim taping, this women’s rancher hat adds structure and vintage appeal to your wardrobe.

Match this cool ladies’ wide-brim hat with loose-fitting shirts and blouses, capris or jeans, and sandals for the impeccable summer look.

Feel and look warm and elegant in the Fender Jaguar Contour Fedora. With this winter fedora, we’ve put a modern twist on a heritage classic, giving this ranch-style brim a touch of rebelliousness for personality’s sake.

With the striped bandana at the crown, a signature lining design, and made from warm, Australian wool, this is the perfect addition to your favorite winter outfits. A cozy plaid shirt, dark jeans, and hiking boots pair well with this hat.

Want a packable fedora? Sometimes, a stiff-brimmed, shaped fedora just isn’t practical. Our Joanna Felt Packable Hat travels with you over the holidays, keeping your head warm and protected and looking your best anywhere you go.

Brixton's Must-Haves for Women

Wide-brim hats can be worn with style and purpose all year long.

Starting with the styling tips we’ve provided above for summer, winter, spring, and fall fedoras, you can wear your wide-brim fedora hat with confidence.

Brixton’s wide-brim hats for women range from casual straw sun hats to formal full-brimmed felt fedoras.

There’s a wide-brim hat to match your personal, unique style, whatever the occasion, whatever the weather. Browse our selection of ladies’ wide-brim hats today!

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