Brixton Broadcast: Eric McHenry: Inside The Workshop

Eric McHenry: Inside The Workshop

10 avril, 2020
A behind-the-scenes look inside Eric's studio along with a quick Q&A.

Los Angeles, CA
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Eric Gene McHenry. I’m a creative. I’m an illustrator, I draw something every day, sometimes I draw a lot. Been making paintings too. I’ve been a professional graphic designer for the past decade, and these skills overlap a lot. I’m curious always. If you know me well, you’ll know I’m also a critic.

What part of the artistic process to you particularly enjoy?

I love the feeling of completing something, with completion being the only goal. The solitude is something that I like. I like that it’s a pencil and my hand, and that’s so goddamn primitive. Hard to beat.

Who inspires you?

So many. Les Blank and Richard Prince. Gardeners. Folk artists. Poets. Self-publishers. And women, there’s a whole different world going on there and I love it.

What types of work have you done other than fine art?

I’ve picked the driving range, delivered Chinese food, hardwood floor installation, built boat docks with my Dad, managed a photo/print lab, published a monthly magazine for a few years, creative director. Retiree.

Walk us through a typical day in your workshop.

I live in the corner of my studio. I’ll dress myself to walk the Dog in downtown Los Angeles, make myself coffee, hopefully I’ve got a project or painting I can jump back into. Maybe I’ve got a project for the restaurant that needs completing (I do), so I’ll dink on the computer until that’s done. Look at my bank account, and if it’s getting low (it is) I decide on how I’m going to solve that. Back to an unfinished project. I’ve been skateboarding again some, maybe I’ll find some time to do that. I’ll read until the sun sets, and the night, the night could go any which way.

What type of projects would you like to pursue in the future?

Wallpaper/textile company. More illustrations with a storyline for children. I’d like to write my thoughts down better. Write some songs. Turn my thumb green. Help my friends.

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