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30 mars, 2023

Hat expressions have many colorful meanings and even more intriguing histories. Discover the origins of the most popular hat idioms and why they’re still in use today.

Over the years, hat expressions have become as creative, colorful, and expressive as hats themselves. In honor of the many hat idioms out there, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hat sayings, best repeated while wearing one of our classic fedora hats or rustic straw hats.

Common Hat-isms and Their Origins

Mad as a hatter

Centuries ago, workers used mercury to stiffen the fur for the felt hats they produced. As a result of inhaling the toxic fumes, they’d quickly develop tremors and other nervous symptoms that people back then dubbed insanity. The phrase “mad as a hatter” emerged as a result.

Eating your hat

A phrase often used to convey disbelief that something could happen. Most likely originated as an expression since eating your hat is impossible.

Example: “If the sun shines tomorrow, I’ll eat my hat.”

Talking through your hat

To talk nonsense or say something without understanding the situation or facts. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you are said to be “talking through your hat.”

Example: “That third goal gave him the hat trick.”

Hats Off

Hat in hand

Doing something “with hat in hand” means you do it with humility and submission. Apologies and asking something from someone powerful or a person you’ve wronged can all be done “with hat in hand.”

Throw your hat into the ring

Signaling your involvement in something. If you are running for president or want to be considered for a big promotion, you “throw your hat into the ring.” The phrase originated from boxing where boxers would literally throw their hats into the ring to show they wanted to join the fight and compete.

Hat trick

Three consecutive wins, goals, or successes in a game or any other competitive endeavor.

Example: “That third goal gave him the hat trick.”

Hats off

From the literal hats off meaning that was meant as a sign of respect or kudos to someone, saying “hats off” also conveys that same respect and admiration.

Example: “Hats off to you for finishing the marathon.”

A feather in your cap

A special achievement or something that you’re proud of. The term likely originated from the custom of some cultures to add a new feather to the hat of a warrior for every enemy slain or battle won.

Hats Off

Hold on to your hats

A phrase used to warn that something exciting, shocking, or scary is about to happen. The phrase was likely first used literally when horse riding or driving and either the horse was about to gallop or the car was about to speed up.

At the drop of a hat

Another way to say something happened quickly. Dropping a hat may once have been a way to start a race, similar to a gunshot or waving a flag, giving the phrase the meaning of getting to something fast.

Thinking cap

To put on your thinking cap means to give something careful thought. In the Middle Ages, philosophers and professors wore distinctive caps and hats that set them apart from other educators or students that were less learned. As a result, these caps became a symbol of education and intelligence.

Wear many hats

Have many responsibilities or jobs. Stemming from the fact that many professions like firefighters, nurses, police officers, and captains are distinguished by their unique hats and caps, the phrase “wearing many hats” means a person has many roles or jobs they are responsible for.

Brixton Hat-isms

Put a few feathers in your hat

With our colorful, bold, and statement cap feathers. Pair our striking Keith Hat Feather with the Joanna Felt Packable Hat, or opt for a more neutral choice by combining our Mikey Universal Hat Feather and Messer Fedora for a timeless silhouette.

You don’t have to have many jobs to wear many hats

From our Brood Newsboy Cap and Cohen Cowboy Hat to the Hooligan Flat Cap and Fiddler Fisherman Cap, you can wear all the hats without the additional responsibility of actually having to do any of the jobs.

Brixton Caps

Make holding on to your hat easy with a hat band

Whether you’re wearing a fedora, festival hat, or Jo Rancher, bring a little personality and extra functionality to your headwear with our variety of adjustable and stretch hat bands. Our favorite combinations are the Janae Sun Hat and Horse Shoe Adjustable Hat Band, the Joanna Festival Hat and Done Proper Stretch Fit Hat Band, and the classic outline of the Wesley Packable Fedora accompanied by the expressive Snake Skin Adjustable Hat Band.

Brixton Timeless Wearables: Inspired by the Past, Made for the Present

Whether you’re throwing your hat in the ring or putting on your thinking cap, Brixton’s collection of timeless headwear with a modern twist for both men and women has you covered.

Covering the classic hat silhouettes like the fedora, cowboy, and newsboy hats, we also stock a range of sustainable snapbacks for those looking for modernity and functionality above all else. Paired with our variety of hat accessories, you can take your hat game and personal expression of style to the next level by shopping our collection today.

30 mars, 2023
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