How to Wear Floral Print

How to Wear Floral Print

27 février, 2023

Discover the secrets to perfecting your floral outfits and taking advantage of the floral patterns trend this spring with our range of elevated beach and street wear.

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

- Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Florals are one of the oldest material patterns known to man (and woman). Every year the spring/summer season comes around with some new rendition of floral print that feels fresh, yet still somewhat familiar. Unlike many other fashion trends that take a few years’ hiatus and return with a vengeance, florals have remained a constant in the warmer seasons and this year is no exception.

However, there is one significant difference between the floral patterns of yesteryear and the floral prints you’ll be seeing all over the catwalk this year—wearability. Say goodbye to understated floral blouses paired with work-casual pencil skirts or gaudy Hawaiian print shirts that are only good for wearing ironically on a beach vacation.

This time around, florals are coming back with a score to settle. We’re talking bold, unisex floral streetwear that’s taking floral prints out of the passenger seat and putting them front and center for all to see.

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration to get the ball rolling on your season of floral liberation, here are just a few of our favorite pieces and styling tips to help you wear floral print to perfection.

How to Wear Floral Print - MenHow to Wear Floral Print - Women

A Floral Mix and Match

Rocking florals doesn’t have to be a muted or understated decision this spring. One of the biggest floral outfit trends is to go full bloom and mix and match floral patterns for a bold, attention-grabbing ensemble.

If you’re planning on going full-on floral mix and match, though, there are a few general rules to keep in mind:

  • Keep the scale of your floral and other prints roughly the same. Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing and makes all the difference between looking put-together or thrown on.
  • Layer, layer, layer. A floral shirt doesn’t have to match pinstripe pants. Instead, opt for a floral shirt underneath a pinstripe blazer for a fun peekaboo effect.
  • Know your color palettes. Whether you’re mixing florals with polka dots or leopard print, choose complementing colors to ensure the outfit looks congruent instead of something Alice’s Mad Hatter would wear to a tea party.
  • How to Wear Floral Print - Women How to Wear Floral Print - Men
  • Keep it simple. As much as florals are bringing out the fun in everyone, you can’t go wrong with a bold floral statement piece on a neutral background. A well-put-together, clean outfit with a bright, fun floral hat can be just as eye-catching as a full floral-on-floral ensemble.
  • Consider the season. Not all florals work equally well for all seasons. Light, feminine, or pastel florals are perfect for spring and summer, while darker, bolder florals work well for fall and winter.
  • Match the occasion. Subtle, small, and more uniform floral prints are the ideal accompaniment to a formal outfit, while bold, bright, and oversized florals are better suited to casual wear and lighthearted outings.
  • Accessorize. This year florals aren’t confined to just floral shirts for men and dresses for women. Floral printed accessories are in, bringing with them unlimited opportunities for adding a pop of color to an everyday outfit.
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Floral Styling Inspiration

At a loss for how to make florals your own this spring? Here are some of our favorite floral styling ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Play Peekaboo with Floral Accents

If you’re not ready to take the floral-on-floral leap yet, but want to incorporate fun, bold floral patterns into your everyday streetwear, layering is your friend.

Opt for a rugged, sporty silhouette by wearing one of our Vintage Nylon MP Caps over a neutral or vividly colored Done Proper Bandana. Our range of floral bandanas moonlights perfectly as neckties and accessories to brighten up your go-to bag this spring.

For a more casual look, why not put a modern spin on the classic men’s floral shirt outfit by layering an open floral shirt under our Bowery Surplus Overshirt? Strong, military lines and a relaxed fit make the Bowery the perfect choice for cooler spring days when a little extra warmth and comfort make the perfect addition to a timeless combination of neutrals and florals.

How to Wear Floral Print - MenHow to Wear Floral Print - Women

2. A Floral Spin on Smart Casual

Beyond the stiff pencil skirt and floral shirt women were once told was the only acceptable combination of florals and workwear, this year’s floral trend is putting way more emphasis on the casual in smart casual.

Pair your favorite floral blouse with our timeless Victory Pant for women in Mojave or Lion for a more muted look, or opt for pattern mixing with the same classic pants in Off White Tiger or Dove. Top it off with the clean lines of our modern Reno Fedora for the perfect office-to-outdoors casual workwear fit.

3. Ready to Go with Floral Streetwear

This year’s floral streetwear is all about challenging the norms. For men, this means switching up the usual floral shirt and muted shorts combo and opting for a clean-cut Surplus S/S Woven overshirt paired with fun, floral shorts. The lightweight material and dual chest pockets make the Surplus S/S Woven the perfect, functional addition to your spring wardrobe.

How to Wear Floral Print - Riley riding a dirt bike

For a more feminine silhouette, pair floral accessories, shoes, or a graphic floral t-shirt with our Vancouver Pant in Dove/Vanilla, Aloha Red, or Blue Heaven. Finish off the look with one of our fun Petra Packable Bucket Hats that’s perfect for bringing playfulness and casual flair to any floral outfit.

4. Pay Homage to Vintage Florals

There’s something timeless about full-floral, vintage-cut outfits that keeps them in fashion no matter the year or season, and this spring is no different. Draw on decades of floral inspiration by pairing our Capri Midi Skirt and Capri Tank with flats, sandals, or barely-there heels, and our iconic Fiddler Fisherman Cap in Pink Nectar or Medal Bronze.

How to Wear Floral Print - Accent headwear How to Wear Floral Print - Accent florals

5. Elevated Your Beachwear with Vivid Florals

Nothing says beachwear better than a wide-brim straw hat. This season, pair our gorgeous Joanna Hat with a Hawaiian print shirt and pinstripe loose-fit pants for the ultimate, elevated beach fit.

And for days when getting sandy and salty isn’t optional, opt for our Vintage Nylon Trunks paired with a bold floral overshirt for the ultimate old-school spin on modern floral beachwear.

For a more structured beachwear silhouette, layer our Utopia Vintage Nylon Jacket over your favorite floral shirt and pair it with relaxed-fit trunks or corduroy pants.

How to Wear Floral Print - Men's New Arrivals in floral prints and patternsHow to Wear Floral Print - Women's New Arrivals in floral prints and patterns

We’ve Got Your Florals Covered

In the end, rocking floral patterns this spring is all about wearing what makes you feel confident. Whether that means adding subtle floral accents to your outfit or going full-on floral on floral, we’re simply here to inspire you to make floral fits your own this spring.

With Brixton’s collection of warm-weather hats, vintage jackets, and bold overshirts, you’ll be ready to take this spring’s floral trend to the next level and make it your own.

27 février, 2023
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