Signature Straw Hats for Endless Spring Style
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Signature Straw Hats for Endless Spring Style

10 mai, 2023

At Brixton, hats are a year-round staple that are essential from both a stylistic and functional standpoint. This spring, our collection of straw hats is bigger and better than ever.

As you gear up for the season and lean into that ready-for-anything, vacation state of mind, Brixton is your destination for all things straw headwear.

While every hat in our collection is extremely versatile and stylish, we also set a high bar for comfort, durability and sun protection. Almost every straw hat in the Brixton collection has a 50+ UPF rating, so in addition to looking good, you’re shielding your face from harmful rays.

Since we added so many new styles of straw hats for men and women this season, we put together a few suggestions to get you started.

Signature Straw Hats for Endless Spring Style

Straw Hats for Everyday Style

At the top of the list are styles of straw hats that are great for everyday wear, like our super functional Messer Straw Fedora. This tried and true silhouette with a teardrop crown and straight, easy-to-wear brim length is a natural for adventuring just about everywhere. What you’ll notice right away about the Messer is its chameleon-like qualities—throw it on with casual pieces like a tee or shorts and it adds an instant touch of cool.

The Castor Straw Fedora is a smart everyday option if you want a short-brimmed look that’s a bit more classic. Like the Messer, this style is a remarkable shapeshifter that can span casual looks like shorts and flip flops to more dressed up outfits. Pair it with anything from patterned trousers and a heritage-inspired jacket to your favorite jeans and a lightweight blazer.

Straw Hats for Weddings, Parties & Festivals

Spring and summer months are a prime time for celebrations. Whether you need the perfect hat for a warm-weather wedding or you’re looking for something that’s going to keep you comfortable and stylish at an all-day festival, we’ve taken some of our most popular wide-brimmed wool styles, including the Reno and Joanna, and reinvented them in straw to suit special-occasion dressing with plenty of portable shade.

Crafted in medium-weight, paper-braided straw, the Reno offers the sharp style of a heritage form with exceptional breathability, comfort and sun protection, while the Joanna is a sophisticated wide-brimmed option for women made of sustainable wheat straw. Both of these styles are perfect for looking your best and staying comfortable at blue-sky events.

Straw Hats for Travel

No travel adventure is complete without a great hat—and there’s no silhouette more perfect than a western style like the Messer Western Straw Hat , the Houston Straw Cowboy Hat or the Jo Straw Rancher.

While all of these styles take their cues from emblematic western and rancher shapes, a key point of distinction is the type and texture of the straw. The palm straw Messer and the grass straw Houston are both crafted with a highly textured finish. The Jo Straw Rancher is made with fine tripilla straw that adds more structure with a touch of vintage appeal.

Signature Straw Hats for Endless Spring Style

Straw Hats for the Beach

Our straw hats offer excellent sun protection and look exceptional with swimwear, and we have a wide range of styles that are naturals at the beach. We’ve added special details and features, like the open fretwork in the crown of the Hunter Straw Fedora for extra breathability in the hot sun, along with the modern twist of a visor peeking out from under the brim. Or, if you want classic beach vibes, the Bells II Lifeguard Hat is the ideal complement to your favorite swimsuit and sunnies.

If a bit of western-style inspiration speaks to your style, the Field Proper Straw Hat in fine tripilla straw has all the style and sun protection you need. Or, consider some of our best wide-brimmed options for women in premium palm straw, like the Leigh Straw Fedora with a teardrop crown, or the lightweight and breezy Janae Sun Hat. Both are easywearing options with loads of seaside style.

The straw headwear options at Brixton will take you effortlessly from a festival or a day at the beach to travel adventures to dressed-up situations like outdoor weddings. Inspired by many of our most popular silhouettes and crafted in straw for warm weather, the versatility and endless wearability of our newest spring headwear will take you wherever you need to be.

10 mai, 2023
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