Transitioning from Fall to Winter: Adapting Your Wardrobe to Changing Weather

Transitioning from Fall to Winter: Adapting Your Wardrobe to Changing Weather

01 novembre, 2023

Make the transition from fall to winter effortless with our comprehensive guide to changing your style with the seasons.

As the leaves transform into a dazzling array of reds, oranges, and golds, and the cool autumn breeze begins to whisper the arrival of winter, the world of fashion undergoes its own transition. Fall is a season of warmth and change. As we embark on the journey from fall to winter, adapting our wardrobe becomes paramount. Men’s and women’s outfits for fall are vastly different from their winter counterparts.

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Whether you’re exploring the latest men’s winter fashion trends in 2023 or curating the perfect fall/winter men’s fashion collection, finding the right balance between style and functionality is paramount. As the seasons shift, so do the requirements for comfortable and chic attire. Not to be forgotten are the essential winter outfits women seek to elevate their cold-weather wardrobe.

At Brixton, we understand the dynamic nature of fashion and are here to guide you on the journey of seamlessly transitioning from one season to the next.

The Foundation of Transition: Layering Techniques

Understanding the Basics: the Role of Base Layers

The foundation of fall transition outfits begins with layering. Base layers, such as lightweight thermals or Brixton’s long-sleeve tees, provide the essential insulation to keep you warm as temperatures plummet.

Mid-Layers: Combining Fashion with Function

To add a touch of style to your ensemble, consider mid-layers like cardigans and lightweight sweaters, or choose one of Brixton’s flannel shirts. These pieces allow you to adapt to changing temperatures with ease while keeping your look versatile and on-trend.

Outer Layers: Choosing According to Weather and Style

As winter nears, outer layers become increasingly important. From our range of lightweight jackets for milder fall days to our sherpa-lined jacket for freezing winter mornings, the choice of outerwear is crucial. It’s not just about functionality; your outer layer is often the first thing people notice, making it a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Key Transitional Pieces for Fall to Winter:

  • One of the most significant steps in preparing for women’s and men’s winter fashion is investing in the right jacket. Look for insulation and waterproof features to keep you warm and dry.

  • Scarves serve a dual purpose during the transition. While they add a stylish element to your outfit in the fall, they become essential insulators in winter. Opt for thicker, woolen scarves to keep the chill at bay.

  • Your choice of footwear also transforms with the weather. Swap out your loafers and canvas sneakers for insulated boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Whether it’s classic leather boots for a sophisticated look or rugged, waterproof boots for outdoor adventures, the right pair is a must-have in your winter arsenal.

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Brixton Hat Evolution for the Seasonal Shift

Fall Staples

In the fall, Brixton’s fedoras and other lightweight caps add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. Our stylish designs complement the brisk yet mild weather, making them perfect for transitioning from summer to winter.


When winter fully takes hold, it’s time to switch to Brixton’s collection of beanies and lined hats. These options provide added warmth and protection from the cold.

Color Palette Transition

Your color palette should evolve as the seasons change. Bid farewell to the autumnal browns and oranges and welcome winter with deeper grays and rich blues. These shades not only reflect the changing landscape but also exude warmth and sophistication.

For a touch of winter magic, consider incorporating festive metallics and icy tones into your wardrobe. Silver, gold, and cool, icy blues can add a touch of holiday spirit to your outfits.

Adapting Textures and Fabrics

In the fall, lighter fabrics like cotton and corduroy are your go-to choices. They provide a comfortable and stylish option for the changing weather. Light wool can also make an appearance, adding warmth without bulk.

As winter’s chill sets in, opt for materials like cashmere, heavy wool, faux fur, and down. These fabrics offer superior insulation and keep you snug in even the harshest weather conditions.

Footwear Shift

In fall, open-toed shoes and loafers rule the day, but, as winter descends, it’s important to protect your feet from the cold. Closed, insulated footwear options, such as leather boots, become essential. Look for options with added insulation to keep your toes toasty.

Boots are a winter staple, and they come in various styles and heights. Choose your boots based on the occasion and temperature. Ankle boots offer a sleek and versatile look, while knee-high boots provide extra warmth and protection in harsh weather.

Accessorizing Right

Even your accessories must adapt to the changing seasons. In fall, light gloves and berets may be a staple, but, once winter arrives, think bulky and warm. Mittens, ear muffs, and thick woolen scarves are all stylish, fun, and functional options to consider.

Make the Most of the Seasons with Brixton

Whether you’re looking to grow your winter or fall closet, we have the accessories and outfits for you. Browse our collections online and elevate your winter and fall wardrobe today.

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