Resort Attire: What to Wear on Your Vacation
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Resort Attire: What to Wear on Your Vacation

18 avril, 2023

Don’t know what to wear on vacation? Discover our top tips for styling trending resort attire using classic patterns and vintage influences.

Summer is around the corner and with it comes resort vacations and days spent in the sun. It also means figuring out exactly what to pack and wear at a luxury resort where the dress code can be as ambiguous as “resort formal attire” or “smart casual dress.”

If you’re wondering what to wear to a resort to comply with these sometimes stringent dress codes while staying comfortable and chic, this is the article for you. With Brixton, planning your beach vacation outfits is made simple. From harnessing the power of tropical prints to dressing up vintage wear for the ultimate resort chic attire, we’ve compiled a few of our go-to resort wear tips and tricks to help you make the most of your vacation wardrobe.

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Our Favorite Resort Wear Styles

The power of tropical prints

Nothing says resort casual attire quite like a bold, fun tropical print. No, we’re not talking about those flimsy Hawaiian shirts targeted at tourists.

Instead, channel your inner Magnum P.I. with one of our standout Charter Print Woven Shirts over a crew neck tank top. Made from a cotton-poly blend that offers a hint of stretch, and featuring a clean collar for a more polished silhouette, the Charter Print Woven Shirt in Aloha Red or Canal Blue is perfectly paired with a Surplus Short or Choice Chino Short for a day at the pool or on the beach.

Or opt for a more subtle tropical element with our Aloha Red Field Sun Hat. Constructed from breathable cotton and fitted with an antimicrobial sweatband, the Field Sun Hat is perfect for hot weather when keeping the sun and sweat off your face is just as important as making a fashion statement.

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Blast from the past

This year vintage wear is making a powerful comeback, and Brixton is here for it. Floral skirts, jumpsuits, and matching two-piece sets are all perfect resort wear for women and men alike.

Combine our high-waist Capri Midi Skirt and Capri Tank with flats or barely-there heels and a Reno Fedora for a classic ensemble that’s perfect for dining or exploring the resort in style. For a sportier look that oozes Americana charm, opt for the Mersey Short Coverall and tennis shoes for a day on the courts or golf course.

Or take a basic chino and camisole combination to the next level with our Retro Vest in Leprechaun for a pop of color and old-school class.

And on cooler evenings, layer our Vintage Reserve Tank with a structured jacket for a more formal take on a beachwear staple.

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Breezy in a button-up

In hot weather, woven short sleeve button-ups are the ultimate breezy choice for comfort, style, and personalization. Whether you choose to layer, button up, or tuck in your woven shirt, the structure offered by the clean collar and button-up construction makes them ideal for taking any look from morning to evening with a quick change of bottoms and accessories.

Paired with a lightweight short or tennis skirt, our Sidney Sleeveless Woven Shirt is a fresh, fun option that delivers on the sporty vibes with its boxy shape and oversized fit. Still oversized, but with an elevated feel and bolder print, our Bunker Paradise Woven Shirt is the pinnacle of comfort and laid back elegance worn with denim shorts or a muted chino. For pool days, leave the shirt unbuttoned to hit an edgier yet relaxed note.

And when a lazy lunch is calling your name, keep it cool and classy with our Bunker Slub Woven Shirt that is enzyme washed for extra softness and comfort, while holding just enough structure with its camp collar to go from the pool to the resort restaurant in seconds.

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Pull it all together by topping it off

Beyond being a resort classic, our collection of classic straw hats are the ultimate addition to resort attire to keep cool, stay out of the sun, and add a personal touch to any outfit.

Pair straight leg pants and our Bixby Flannel shirt with a wide brimmed Reno Straw Hat, or complement our monochrome two-piece set Thurston Blazer and Thurston Pant with a Jo Straw Rancher Hat for a formal cut that still has all the resort appeal.

Or layer a woven short sleeve shirt over a crew neck shirt or tank, paired with our breezy Vancouver Pant and Houston Straw Cowboy Hat for a look that’s as expressive as it is resort appropriate.

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Resort Wear Etiquette Tips With Brixton

Whether you opt for tropical prints or muted vintage pieces, here are a few tips to abide by, regardless of your personal style.

Follow the dress code

As vague as resort dress codes can be, it’s always better to ask first when planning your vacation wardrobe.

Every resort’s rules and guidelines will differ, so once you arrive, do a quick check to assess just how strictly dress codes are enforced. In most resorts, swimwear won’t be allowed in the lobby or restaurants, so plan accordingly.

Choose comfortable fabrics

Even though your resort may require semi-formal attire, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Opt for comfortable fabrics and pieces like our Sidney Oversized Woven Shirt that’s made of 100% cotton, or our Choice Chino Relaxed Pant, constructed with a cotton blend that offers extra stretch for mobility.

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Accessorize appropriately

Whether you opt for a straw hat like our Marcos Palmilla or Castor Straw Fedora or choose to pair your favorite vintage outfit with a statement bag or pair of sunglasses, accessories make the outfit, and resort wear is no exception.

Want to go the extra mile to bring a personal touch to your accessories? Pop into one of our retail locations near you to add monogramming, unique hat bands, charms, and more to make your Brixton hat your own.

Accessorizing well can take any outfit from breezy casual to chic and dressed up in seconds, and packing the right accessories to go with your resort wear is the key to keeping every outfit fresh, fun, and fashionable.

Ready to get packing? Shop our entire Surplus in Paradise collection for men and women. And we’ll see you on the beach.

18 avril, 2023
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