The Best Hipster Hats

The Best Hipster Hats

17 avril, 2023

Hats are the key to nailing any hipster outfit. Discover the perfect hipster hat to transform your wardrobe today.

Once reserved for hippies “stuck in the 70s,” hipster hats and hipster fashion in general has made a generational comeback. Today everyone from Hollywood stars to online influencers are rocking everything from hipster beanie hats to fedoras from a bygone era, and we are here for it!

With the growing popularity of hipster hats, men’s and women’s fashion has quickly evolved to include classy renditions of classic, vintage headwear. Brixton’s range of beanies, newsboy caps, and wide-brimmed fedoras are perfect to complete any hipster outfit. Whether you’re a DIY hipster or an artsy hipster, our collection of hats and headwear accessories will bring a timeless sense of elegance to any outfit.

To help you choose the perfect accessory for your hipster fit, we’ve created a guide to all of our favorite hipster fashion trends and the hats we stock that accompany them.

Hipster Hats - Fedoras 1Hipster Hats - Fedoras 2
The Characteristics of “Keeping It Hip”

When it comes to nailing hipster fashion, the key is to make your fit look effortless but still put together. And there’s a reason why so many hipster outfits look like they were dug out of your grandma or grandpa’s closet—the quality of the clothing itself.

One of the biggest differentiating characteristics of hipster clothing is that high-quality materials are usually put above matching the latest trends. That’s why vintage-inspired, ethically produced, and sustainable fashion is a staple of hipster style. Hipster fashion also has its roots in the 1960s and 1970s hippie movement, which is why vintage and old-school elements are so integral to hipster style.

And then, of course, there are the accessories. No hipster outfit is complete without the right belt, bag, or hat.

At Brixton, we know a stunning hat is a perfect way to complete any hipster outfit. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of hipster hats for every day and occasion.

Hipster Hats - Hat Accessories
The Timeless Elegance of the Brixton Fedora

Characterized by an indented crown and malleable brim, the Brixton fedora hipster range exudes timeless sophistication and edge that offers endless appeal. A staple of old-school film gangsters and mafiosos, wearing a Brixton fedora comes with a matchless element of effortless coolness that you just won’t achieve with any other hat or accessory.

Take our unisex Wesley Packable Fedora with you for the ultimate travel accessory, or opt for the Fender Jaguar Reverb Fedora in Texas Tea for a rugged, rock and roll finish to any outfit.

The Trendy and Chic Brixton Newsboy Cap

For a trendy addition to even the most laidback hipster outfit, our chic newsboy cap is the perfect choice. Made with mixed fabric, the newsboy cap embodies the sustainability element of hipster fashion while its old-school silhouette provides vintage flair in the best way possible.

Hipster Hats - Caps 1Hipster Hats - Caps 2

Channel your inner Tommy Shelby with our classy Brood Newsboy Cap in gray and black, or go even more retro with our white, black, and paradise orange options.

The Ultimate Cool Factor of the Brixton Beanie

The Brixton beanie is the ultimate addition to any DIY or laidback hipster’s day-to-day wardrobe. Our Harbor Beta Watch Cap Beanie is made of warm acrylic fabric with a folded cuff and woven label that comes in a wide range of colors from athletic orange to washed navy.

The Harbor Beta Watch beanie embodies the hipster cool factor, but for days when your outfit needs some texture to stand out, nothing beats our ribbed Heist Beanie. With a variety of colors to choose from, the Heist Beanie goes well with any hipster outfit, especially on days when you want to look just as cool as the weather is.

Hipster Hats - Beanies
The Unconventional and Edgy Brixton Beret

First worn as military headgear in ancient Greece, the beret has grown to be a statement of style and edge. One of the most popular hipster hats for women, berets are a slightly more unconventional addition to the hipster wardrobe but still bring loads of elegant edginess.

Famously worn by the likes of Che Guevara, the beret symbolizes going against the mainstream and staying true to your beliefs, and there’s nothing more hipster than that.

Hipster Hats - Berets 1Hipster Hats - Berets 2

That’s why we’ve curated a collection of classy berets for all occasions, from the versatile Audrey Beret that has the traditional beret silhouette and goes with any outfit, to the Natalie Oversized Pom Beret that works well in cooler weather and when you’re looking to layer your outfit and create dimension and interest with your headwear.

The Versatile and Classic Brixton Fisherman Cap

Nothing says vintage hipster better than the versatile fisherman cap. With a modest peak and an instantly recognizable shape, the fisherman cap works well as an accessory in both summer and winter, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Whether you opt for our retro Coca-Cola Fiddler Fisherman Cap or go for the more lowkey Fiddler Fisherman Cap in black, Brixton’s fisherman caps transform even the most average hipster outfit into a fun, eye-catching ensemble.

Hipster Hats - Fishermen's Caps 1Hipster Hats - Fishermen's Caps 2
Why Brixton Has Your Hipster Fashion Needs Covered

At Brixton, we know that every hipster wardrobe is incomplete without the perfect hat to round it off. Our collection of hipster wide-brim hats, men’s fedoras, berets, and fisherman caps offer endless variety and opportunities to take your outfit to the next level.

Looking for a little more variety in your headwear? We also offer a range of unique hat accessories to make your cap, beret, or fedora your own. Our stunning hat feathers are a great addition to a fedora or fisherman cap, while our adjustable hat bands bring a sense of old-fashioned class to any brimmed hat or cap. And, for a particularly vintage touch, our Becket + Quill Lock Charms can transform the vibe of even the most basic hat into a hipster staple.

Hipster Hats - Hat Accessories

Explore our website today to find the next addition to your one-of-a-kind hipster wardrobe.

17 avril, 2023
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